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The Genesis of the MB Viper: From Concept to Reality

When Bremont sought to test their revolutionary ENG300 manufactured movement series, they embarked on a journey that would push the boundaries of horological engineering. Collaborating with the esteemed British aviation company Martin-Baker, they envisioned a concept test instrument that would withstand the extreme conditions akin to fighter ejection seat technology. As this instrument took shape, it captured the imagination of both Bremont and Martin-Baker, birthing the remarkable Limited Edition MB Viper – an embodiment of cutting-edge design and innovation, crafted from titanium and anodised aluminium.

Bremont's commitment to discovering the true potential of the ENG300 movement led to the creation of an instrument capable of housing this masterpiece. Designed to undergo the stringent environment testing regimen of Martin-Baker's fighter ejection seats, this instrument defies convention. Its distinctive form stems from a specialized mount, ingeniously engineered by Bremont, that securely anchors the ENG300 Test Instrument during HALT (Highly Accelerated Life Testing). Within this crucible, the ENG300 movement shines, marking the revival of mechanical movements built at scale on British soil after five decades. Encased within its patented anti-shock movement mount, the ENG300 movement perseveres, absorbing impacts while maintaining flawless functionality.

The MB Viper has faced a battery of tests that mirror the most gruelling conditions that fighter ejection seats endure:

Zero/Zero Ejection Test: Pushing the limits of reality, a test manikin donning the watch is propelled from zero to 120ft in a mere 2 seconds, experiencing forces of up to 15G, closely simulating a real ejection scenario.

Extreme Temperature Endurance: Enduring frigid -46°C and scorching 49°C temperatures for 24 hours each, the watch proves its mettle in extreme conditions.

Salt Fog Challenge: The ACDT replicates the corrosive effects of salt fog and humidity experienced on an aircraft carrier deck during a 6-month tour. After being exposed to salt and dried for 96 hours, the watch emerges victorious against corrosion and binding.

Ice Block Freeze: Submerged and frozen at -5°C for over 21 hours, the watch's seals endure the ice's expansion, demonstrating its resilience against freezing temperatures.

High Altitude Simulation: Placed within an Altitude Test Chamber, the watch undergoes a simulated ascent to 100,000 feet and a swift descent – a testament to its high-altitude endurance.

As stated by Bremont's very own Nick English; When Martin-Baker first approached us in Bremont’s very early days, it wasn’t a branding exercise, it was with a vision of creating the definitive aviation watch. The testing that they could offer was something previously untried or tested in this industry, it was entirely unparalleled. It’s truly remarkable what these 2 mechanical timepieces can actually withstand. For me it really is the ultimate pilot’s watch and it’s exciting to still be testing the boundaries of the possible with such an innovative and technically excellent British business at the centre of aeronautical and military engineering. We’re incredibly proud of what we’ve created together, and interestingly, much of the Bremont MB Viper testing was carried out in conjunction with the Martin-Baker Mk18 seat in the Korean KFX Fighter ejection test programme. The Mk18 seat can also be found in other fighter aircraft like the F-16 ‘Viper’. This new limited edition is pioneering for Bremont with its use of the ENG352 movement, and it’s a timepiece we are incredibly proud of. It really is tested beyond endurance.”

Close up of the Bremont MB Viper in its protective orange case

Revolutionising the Martin-Baker Legacy: The MB Viper Unveiled

With a beguiling glimpse through its flat exhibition case back, the 43.5mm matte DLC Grade 5 titanium case is a testament to innovation. Enhanced with a protective carbon coating, it flaunts an anodised 6082 aluminium case middle that adds an element of distinction. Limited to a mere 300 pieces, the MB Viper doesn't just signal a new design trajectory for Bremont; it encapsulates the brand's triumphant journey in design, engineering, and craftsmanship. At the core of the MB Viper beats the self-winding ENG352 calibre, a testament to Bremont's relentless pursuit of excellence. The movement boasts a formidable 65-hour power reserve, with a silicon escape wheel ensuring precision. A free sprung hairspring, paired with an inertia weight-timed balance and KIF shock protection, ensures impeccable timekeeping. The movement's inner workings, featuring rhodium-plated bridges adorned with a gold-plated automatic bridge, are safeguarded by Bremont's signature rubberised AntiShock mount, a technology that traces its origins back to the brand's collaboration with Martin-Baker since 2009.

The vibrant orange anodised aluminium case middle, secured by four corner Torx® screws, is a statement of the MB Viper's distinctive character. The white dial, highly legible and punctuated with a seconds track, conveys a timeless elegance. Green emission Super-LumiNova® graces the hour markers and the chevron-decorated hands, a nod to the ejection pull handles present on fighter ejection seats. A tribute to the MB Viper's origins, this design detail is inspired by early unreleased MB prototype designs. The seconds hand, a departure from other MB models, mirrors the one used on the test instrument, adding a touch of exclusivity. Matte black lugs, tactile and purposeful, taper toward the screw-down crown, their rear intricately machined to reduce weight. The MB Viper arrives with two canvas straps, one in vivid orange and the other in classic black, allowing wearers to customise their timepiece to their style and preference.


Available Now

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AI photo of the Bremont Made in England movement


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