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The Diver's Planning Tool

In 1962, the Vulcain Nautical Cricket was designed specifically for use on technical decompression dives, as evidenced by its complicated dial. This set it apart from nearly all other dive watches that existed in the 1960s, where most were targeted at recreational divers who attempted no-decompression diving. When Dr Hannes Keller, the Swiss physicist, mathematician and extreme diver, attempted the world deep-sea dive record he required this watch to keep track of his time underwater, and a decompression scale on the dial that let him calculate how long his stops had to be.

Black and white image of Dr Hannes Keller and 3 members of Vulcain

Surviving the Ocean's Depths

For a deep-sea diver such as Hannes exploring the ocean depths, a watch needs to be more than aesthetically pleasing. It needs to be a performance tool. The compressed air a diver breathes contains the same amount of inert nitrogen as the air we breathe at the surface. However, the deeper you dive and the longer you stay down, the more inert nitrogen is absorbed by your body. As a diver ascends, this nitrogen expands and is harmlessly released through the bloodstream. But if you stay submerged for too long, or ascend too quickly you can get "the bends". This is where the nitrogen can end up rupturing tissue, damaging blood vessels and nerves, and wreak havoc on your body. Hundreds of meters under the ocean, reliability and accuracy are matters of life and death. Christopher Ward have brought back the decompression scale in style with the C65 Divetimer Special Edition. With a Sunray finished dial, printed decompression scale and Super-LumiNova® X1 BL C1-filled hands and indexes, this timepiece has everything you need to plan and calculate your next deep-sea dive.


Available Now

Here at MVS Watches, we are excited to stock number 27 out of only 150 pieces of the C65 Divetime Special Edition. As stated by Christopher Ward themselves; "While you might not spend your leisure time exploring, say, the Pacific’s mega-deep Mariana Trench, it’s good to know that if you did, you’d be able to do so with confidence. And in style." Check out this exclusive piece below:

Blue Christopher Ward watch on its side with decompression scale on the dial


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