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American Spirit

Deeply rooted in American pioneering spirit and entrepreneurship, Florentine Ariosto Jones (a watchmaker from Boston) founded IWC in 1868. Moving to Schaffhausen, he drew on the help of eminently qualified Swiss watchmakers, modern technology, and hydropower sourced from the nearby River Rhine to manufacture pocket watch movements of the highest possible quality. Fast forward to more modern times, IWC has been partnering with the Navy Fighter Weapons School “Top Gun” since 2007. Though there are plenty of IWC timepieces created for the watch collector, there are many more exclusive models only available to real pilots. This includes the two special pieces IWC released in 2018 in honour of the US Navy Naval Aviation community. These particular watches are only available for “Top Gun” graduates.

IWC Top Gun box set with Top Gun patch in focus

Top Gun: Maverick

Interestingly, Tom Cruise insisted on making the 2022 sequel of Top Gun a monumental tribute to combat fighters. Realism was the main aim not only in the way the characters are playing but in the way the scenes have been shot, the accuracy of the costumes and the legitimacy of the watches. There are two “Strike Fighter Tactics Instructor” (SFTI) watches that can be seen in the new Top Gun movie. It is always refreshing to know that these are not just product placement models but the exact same watches that are worn by the real-life pilots attending the “Top Gun” Navy Fighter Weapons School. Another piece of IWC craftsmanship seen in the movie is the handheld stopwatch. The stopwatch, exclusively produced for this film by IWC, draws a lot of attention on the big screen and in the STFI limited edition set pictured below.


Available Now

Here at MVS Watches, we are excited to present the IWC Pilot Mark XVIII Top Gun 'SFTI' Boxset. Equipped with the 35111 Calibre movement and a ceramic case, this piece was purpose built for the Navy Fighter Weapons School. Accompanied with the stopwatch as well as a waterproof case, you can check out this limited edition piece below:

IWC Top Gun watch on cushion leaning against the travel case from box set


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