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Evolution of Excellence: The IWC Aquatimer's Journey

In 1967, IWC made a significant splash by introducing the inaugural Aquatimer, a dive watch capable of withstanding depths of up to 200 meters. Embracing the design trends of its time, the Aquatimer showcased a compressor-style case with twin crowns on one side. One crown for winding and time adjustment, the other for manipulating the inner diving bezel.

A watershed moment arrived in 1982 with the launch of the legendary Ocean 2000, a result of collaboration between IWC and Porsche's design team. Plunging to a groundbreaking 2,000 meters, it became the premier titanium dive watch with such exceptional depth capability, making it a coveted collectable today. During this era, the standard Aquatimer momentarily took a backseat. Interestingly, the Ocean 2000 forwent the inner diving bezel of its predecessor, an aspect that left an indelible influence on the subsequent 2014 Aquatimer collection.

In 1997, the Aquatimer resurfaced as part of the groundbreaking GST collection, lauded for integrating titanium into case and bracelet construction. Featuring an external dive bezel akin to the Ocean 2000, the 1999 launch of the IWC GST Deep One marked a milestone as the brand's first mechanical depth gauge dive watch. In 2004, IWC revolutionised the Aquatimer series, introducing models with an inner diving bezel operated via a dedicated crown. Celebrating its 140th anniversary in 2008, the brand unveiled the Vintage Collection, including a re-imagined inaugural Aquatimer. The re-issue retained the inner bezel concept. 2009 heralded a new Aquatimer iteration, omitting the inner dive bezel, and reintroducing the Deep Two, a successor to the iconic Deep One. Fast forward to 2014, where IWC returned to its roots by reinstating the inner rotating dive bezel, innovatively manipulated by an external rotating bezel. The entire 2014 Aquatimer lineup adopted this user-friendly diving bezel. Additionally, the mechanical depth-gauge dive watch saga continued with the introduction of the Deep Three.

IWC external/internal rotating bezel explanation

Meet the Aquatimer Chronograph IW376803

Crafted in robust stainless steel, the 44.0mm case boasts a substantial yet purposeful height of 17.0mm. The screw-in crown ensures water resistance up to an impressive 30.0 bar, symbolising the watch's readiness for aquatic adventures. At its heart resides the 79320 Calibre, an automatic and self-winding movement. With a power reserve of 44 hours and operating at a frequency of 28,800 VPH (4 Hz), it demonstrates exemplary precision and performance. Comprising 240 components and adorned with 25 jewels, its refined craftsmanship is accentuated by elegant Côtes de Genève finishing.

The timepiece features an innovative mechanical external/internal rotating bezel with the SafeDive system, empowering divers with comprehensive timekeeping control. Complementing these technical marvels, the Aquatimer Chronograph IW376803 showcases a day and date display. This fusion of function and aesthetics, a hallmark of IWC, ensures this chronograph is not just a tool for underwater exploration, but also a sophisticated companion for any endeavour.


Available Now

Standing as a testament to IWC's ongoing commitment to innovation, the Aquatimer Chronograph IW376803 offers remarkable functionality and style. From its sporty elegance to its mechanical prowess, this chronograph surpasses the realms of traditional dive watches. You can check out this exciting and durable preowned watch below:

Up close shot of the IWC Aquatimer's black chronograph dial


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